Red Studded Flag

When i put this outfit together i couldn´t tell to myself which piece was going to be the strong one! I really think they all make a statement… The shirt: was bought years ago for 1€, and it´s been a homewear shirt since then…but now i can´t get enough of her! I love the fringes and the side reverse print of the american flag. The studded shorts: so cool aren´t them? I was looking for the perfect pair, a denim one, but this ones made me fall in love! So..the shoes…I´ve never thought i would have a red pair of shoes, seriously, red shoes remind me of Dorothy and the wizard of oz 🙂 well, can´t take this ones off of my feet right now and they are so confy!! See how much i love this outfit? But just to choose a favorite item of the pics…i will go with Suri!

Pull and Bear T-shirt | Shorts bought online | Zara Shoes


18 thoughts on “Red Studded Flag”

  1. Gorgeous!
    Really loving your blog,
    I’m just about to go through your old posts!
    Would love it if we could follow each other?

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC??


  2. Catarina

    I LOOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! seriously. 😀

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