Red Studded Flag

When i put this outfit together i couldn´t tell to myself which piece was going to be the strong one! I really think they all make a statement… The shirt: was bought years ago for 1€, and it´s been a homewear shirt since then…but now i can´t get enough of her! I love the fringes and the side reverse print of the american flag. The studded shorts: so cool aren´t them? I was looking for the perfect pair, a denim one, but this ones made me fall in love! So..the shoes…I´ve never thought i would have a red pair of shoes, seriously, red shoes remind me of Dorothy and the wizard of oz 🙂 well, can´t take this ones off of my feet right now and they are so confy!! See how much i love this outfit? But just to choose a favorite item of the pics…i will go with Suri!

Pull and Bear T-shirt | Shorts bought online | Zara Shoes



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